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Whats the Difference between Seam Rings, Segment Rings and Clickers ?

So you're in the market for a new hoop for your piercing, maybe its your septum, an ear stack, a nose ring or your helix - whatever the piercing is - you have seemingly endless options and within those options lies the words "clicker" "segment ring" or "seam ring" and you don't know which is right for you - well lets break down the pros and cons and major differences in each so you can guarantee to get the jewelry thats best for you.

Seam Rings are a cost effective choice when buying rings, they come in most materials ranging from stainless steel to gold to niobium. The major PRO to a seam ring is that they are usually the most cost effective option but the CON is they can only be opened and closed a few times before they can lose their shape permanently. They twist open and are usually easy enough to do by yourself at home without tools but having a professional with professional tools open and close the ring for you will increase the lifetime of that piece. Never pull open the seam ring as it becomes impossible to line up correctly, it causes the shape to change and it weakens the material which can cause it to snap.

how to open a seam ring

Segment Rings or Captive Bead Rings are the most cost effective choice for rings but the major con to this type of jewelry is that you require a professional with ring opener pliers and ring closer pliers to properly open and close the rings. They come in a large variety of styles and options but the limitation in the ability to interchange your jewelry is the major CON with this style of ring. 

Clickers or Hinged Segment Rings are the most expensive option for hoops however, their huge PRO is the ease of being able to open and close them yourself, with no special tools and without really having to worry about warping their shape *please be careful with all your jewelry, as it is small and fragile and should be handled with care*. Clickers can be a partial circle with a flat bar on a hinge that clicks into place, or a continuous circle with an area that opens up on a hinge.



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