How To: Use Threadless Jewelry

How To: Use Threadless Jewelry

how to properly insert and remove push pin threadless body jewelry

So, you have threadless jewelry and you're trying to put it in but it isn't working?!

It just keeps sliding out, and you're feeling frustrated - well there is a super simple trick to getting it to stay put; 

firstly wash your hands or wear new gloves then

Insert the pin into the back about 1/2 way, 3/4 for gold and then give it a little bend - the more you bend it - the tighter it will be.

But remember to be gentle and move slowly - as it is very fragile - especially gold

Then push it in the rest of the way, you will likely feel a bit of a POP when it is in all the way. 

Give it a little tug to see if it comes out and once you're satisfied with the snugness- you can head on with your life.

Then to remove- wash your hands or wear new gloves and simply pull straight out with a bit of force - but still gently 

Remember, GRIM Studios always offers free jewelry changes (by appointment only) so give us a call at 1-905-544-1222 to grab a spot 

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How To: Use Threadless Jewelry