diagonal pierced nipples with unique nipple jewelry

Four Unique Variations to Your Favourite Piercings (18+)

Sure, you could just get the same piercing all your friends have, but you're a trendsetter, a trailblazer, a true individual who leads the way and your body piercings should reflect that. Here are our top Four bad-ass variations to common body piercings

1. High Nostrils These beautiful piercings are a favourite in the body piercing community but have never really crossed over into main stream body art and we think thats a tragedy because they look INCREDIBLE as stand alone jewelry or paired with a larger statement piece in the regular piercing placement. 

Try using a statement piece like the Trinity Opal Threadless End by Junipurr for the standard nostril then something simpler like a 2mm White Opal Bezel End by NeoMetal for the high nostril piercing.

2. Diagonal Nipples for a real showstopper, try diagonal nipple piercings, horizonal nipples are a statement all on their own but if you really want to stand out - try asking for this piercing with a slight... twist 
Jewelry shown is the Moet Forward Facing Threadless Ends by Buddha Jewelry Organics 

stacked lobe and ear project by junipurr jewelry

3. Stacked Lobes we freakin' love stacked lobes, they're a really interesting way to bring some creativity to something as average as a pierced lobe (and its pretty painless because well, they're a lobe!)

Try a simple look with a Prong Set in Paradise Shine or try a bold look with a statement piece like the Gemma Trios Threadless End from Buddha Jewelry Organics and pair with your standard lobe jewelry or mix and match other threadless ends or hoops to start your own custom ear project

4. Statement Flats and no, were not talking about the sensible shoe... Flat piercings are a great place to put a larger piece of jewelry - something extra shiny or something a little extra to show off some personality 

shown are the Threadless Bee End by Junipurr & the Queen Naveen 

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