The short answer is - yeah obviously. The better question is: "Can I Handle The Pain & How Long Does it Hurt?" In all our experience piercing, most people say the pain was less than they expected and that they had worked themselves up before for something that was not a big deal.

Some piercings hurt more than others, we can recommend piercings that may hurt less.

The piercing itself is quick but it does hurt for a while after and if you sleep on or touch/hit the piercing afterwards it does sting.

Initially after you feel a stingy hot feeling and sometimes some throbbing, we recommend ibuprofen if you're medically able to use it.

Usually this pain subsides after the first 24hrs. Excessive pain past that point and there may be an issue - please always reach out to your piercer if you have a concern. Theres no stupid question and you're not bugging us.

Everyone's pain levels are different but our piercers are trained to help you relax, feel comfortable and to get a piercing you absolutely love while having a positive experience.

If you're afraid, let us know, we promise to walk you through it and ensure you feel ready before you get pierced.

Each body piercing has its own age requirements however in general, we will pierce 14+ with parent or legal guardian (ID is required for both) for most standard piercings.

We do offer lobe piercings from 8+ but the child must be able to consent for themselves and be able to understand what is happening and be able to communicate if they are uncomfortable, or if they are experiencing issues after the piercing.

Certain piercings like advanced piercings, microdermals or genital piercings are 18+. We do not make exceptions nor accept parent/guardian consent.

We will pierce children's lobes only in certain situations - the youngest we will pierce is 8 but they must want the piercing themselves, they must be able to consent and they must be able to follow aftercare instructions and communicate if something seems wrong after the initial piercing.

We believe that piercings are the individual's choice and that parent's should not decide if a child gets their ears pierced until the child is old enough to want the piercing themselves.

We also believe that children do not understand the process and therefor are unable to follow instructions, are likely to touch the piercings with dirty hands which increases the chance of infections, and are unable to properly express pain or concern.

The final reason we don't recommend piercings on children is because of Migration - which is the movement of a piercing within the skin which is increasingly likely during rapid growth spurts that occur with children. Migration can cause a piercing to need to be removed and re-pierced, cause scarring or cause trauma by rejecting or ripping out.

We absolutely do NOT use piercing guns. Piercing guns are extremely un-safe as they can not be properly sterilized or sanitized (sterilized is the complete removal of bacteria to make it sterile. Sanitized is to disinfect the surface). Piercing guns use force with a blunt object to force through tissue (and cartilage in some cases) by using a spring loaded mechanism, which causes bacteria from all previous clients to spray forward into the fresh wound. Piercing with a single use sterile hypodermic piercing needle carefully pierces through the tissue and removes a small amount of tissue rather than forcing a blunt object through skin, which provides clean edges and less trauma, hurts less and as the needle was sterile - contains no irritants or bacteria to cause infections.

Piercing guns should NEVER be used and no reputable business should ever use one. Do NOT get pierced using a gun in any circumstance.

Anatomy is totally different on every person and that's beautiful - every piercing is a little different. Our piercers are highly trained to work with your anatomy for your desired piercing, but sometimes things just can't work and our job is to give you a piercing that lasts a lifetime.

So if you book online and we can't do the exact piercing you wanted (we recommend always having a back up idea) - our piercers can suggest another option that will work and look equally incredible. Many times there are options to create similar looks.

We offer most body piercings, even if they are not listed on our Body Piercing Booking Menu. If you want a piercing that isn't offered as an online booking - just email us at info@grimstudios.ca

We LOVE doing unique piercings but we don't include them in online booking for ease/speed of booking for standard piercings.

All piercings are always based on anatomy so often times with uncommon piercings we have to check the anatomy before we determine if a piercing can be booked.

We do NOT offer Scoop Tongue Piercings or Snake Eye Tongue Piercings Ever

We are not currently offering Male Genital Piercings, any oral piercings or piercings that require the removal of a mask

As a general rule, we don't pierce more than four piercings per appointment to ensure healing.

We will not do more than 2 cartilage piercings at a time.

We also recommend getting one side of your ear pierced at once - so if you want 2 cartilage piercings, we recommend getting them on the same ear so you can sleep on the other side.

We are by appointment only at this time. We do intend to offer walk ins again at some point but with the uncertainties at the moment due to COVID - we are limiting the amount of people in the studio and we are ensuring the safety of all our clients by maintaining proper physical distancing and contact tracing.

You can see available times and book online at www.grimpiercing.com

We do not offer refunds on deposits unless we cancel the appointment for reasons such as booking errors.

You can find out more at www.grimstudios.ca/policy

Please email us at info@grimstudios.ca to discuss the specifics of what you're looking for

We do NOT offer services outside of the studios

Jewelry specific questions

We recommend speaking to your piercer about the specifics of that piercing and your specific situation as how you sleep on it, clean it or your physical health but in general - we recommend 6-8 weeks.

Do NOT change the jewelry prior to 6-8 weeks

In most situations, yes absolutely. However we don't like piercing with Hoops with the exception of Daiths & Septums as hoops prolong and complicate healing.
Once a piercing is healed, we offer FREE jewelry changes to any one (not just clients) and can change or downsize jewelry to many more options !

You can buy jewelry online and choose in-store pick up for the time you book for your piercing appointment.

You can book online here: www.grimpiercing.com

Send us an email at info@grimstudios.ca to let us know what you're looking for

We do carry basic internally threaded options in store.

Most of the time, absolutely.
Send us an email at info@grimstudios.ca with as much info as you have on the piece and we will get back to you ASAP with details

We recommend asking the piercer for specifics as certain jewelry requires specific care however a general rule is once a year remove the jewelry, soak it in mild soap and warm water and give a little scrub with a soft bristle brush (we recommend a soft bristle tooth brush that is not used)

You can also try doing this while the jewelry is in your piercing if they are healed enough but we recommend being extremely careful and ask a piercer before attempting this.

DO NOT remove the piercings to clean before they are COMPLETELY healed.

Returns & Guarantees

We do not accept or offer returns, exchanges or refunds on any product for any reason, at any time.

If a product breaks, the manufacturer may have a warranty or guarantee. See the specific manufacturer policy.

If the manufacturer has a guarantee, we will be happy to help get the product repaired or replaced so please contact us if there is a guarantee so we can help get your jewelry back to you asap.

Yes (most of the time)! Most of the brands we sell have a lifetime warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship of their jewelry pieces.

In the odd case you have an issue with a defective piece please contact info@grimstudios.ca and we will be happy to help you.

We do not guarantee neglect, poor care or broken jewelry due to mishandling.

Please note you will be required to return the defective piece and send a picture for assessment, and if it is determined that the product is defective- we will, at our discretion, send a replacement.