Six Body Piercings You Can Hide

Six Body Piercings You Can Hide

Sometimes, its nice or necessary to look more "professional" - maybe its for a job interview, or maybe your great grandma is a conservative stuck up and you just don't want to bother dealing with her ignorant rhetoric; here are the easiest body piercings to hide:

nipple piercings

1. Nipples: I was obsessed with piercings as a teen and my parents were absolutely not a fan, so the first piercing i ever got was my nipples because, my parents would never find out. Now, with hindsight - i'm both scared, disgusted and appalled that the shop I went too pierced a FOURTEEN year olds nipples, i lied on my waiver and said I was 16, which is still *gag* 

Nipple piercings are 18+. No exceptions and if you go to a shop and find someone willing to pierce you as a child, run. They are obviously, not a good studio. 

But to the original point: nipples are the perfect piercing to get if you want discretion. The only people who will see them are those you choose to show them too and can be hidden with a bra or thick shirt.

belly button piercing

2. Navel: similar to the nipples, this piercing can be covered with a shirt and shown off as easily as a crop top. Typically a 'feminine' piercing - we are loving the trend of more 'men' getting this piercing and wearing crop tops. Piercings should have no gender, just like clothes don't. If you have the anatomy - you can get the piercing. period

lower back micro dermals

3. Microdermals: these can be placed anywhere you can pinch the skin, so chest, nape, hips, really the options are endless. HOWEVER, we advise you to place these in places where clothing is unlikely to rub against them constantly or fot it to get caught. Dermals can technically last forever, but it is super rare for them to last more than a few years because they do tend to get infected, irritated and reject based on poor care, poor placement and constant irritation from clothing, soaps, etc. 

venom tongue piercings

4. Oral Piercings: tongue piercings may seem easy to hide, but the reality is they are visible when we speak or laugh but they definitely fall into a more discreet category 

upper cartilage ear piercings

5. Upper Cartilage piercings: if you have long hair you can cover your ears with hair, but there are factors that make this not the most effective plan as wind exists, and sometimes you cant just have your hair flopping in your face - it looks unprofessional and can be dangerous or against policy. You can try a hat, but again this isn't a fool proof solution - especially when the piercing is healing. 


septum body piercing

6. Septum: we have reached the holy grail - a bold body piercing thats visible and very front and centre, most facial piercings are an obvious 'no' on the hidden piercing list, but that is where the septum reigns supreme. Simply pierce with a horseshoe barbell and you can flip it up into your nose and viola - no more visible piercing. This is our favourite piercing on this list because, its the only one that is truly a visible piercing that can be hidden.

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