nose piercings arent safe while wearing a mask

Why You SHOULDN'T Get Your Nose Pierced If You Are Still Wearing Masks

Well, life is starting to move back to what seems like normal after a long year and a half of new rules, adaptations and frustrations, things are opening, its warm out and life is feeling a bit better (finally) and we are thrilled to be open, working and piercing again. However, we are NOT offering piercings where the mask has to come off, and its not for the reasons you may think;

We are not offering piercings under the mask until the mandatory mask mandate is removed because removing a mask to receive a piercing just does not make sense for health/covid reasons but more specifically because there is greatly increased risk of irritation from the mask rubbing the area which can cause migration and scarring and there is increased infection risk with the moisture, heat and additional bacteria within a mask; especially if you're wearing a mask for several hours at a time or if you're wearing non disposable masks.

We want you to have the best experience and the easiest heal so in our experience we feel like the best choice is to wait until the risks of tugging/catching/ripping and increased infection are minimized.

if you have further questions, please feel free to send us an email at

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