Fall Piercing Trends We Are SO Into

Fall Piercing Trends We Are SO Into

The cool weather is creeping in and its another weird season with potential lingering lockdowns, capacity limits and many shops not offering piercings which require the removal of masks; we are predicting and seeing trends for fall/winter 2021 to be BOLD, fearless and front and centre. 

Here are our top 5 trends for Fall 2021

1. Center Eyebrow Piercings : this trend is bold and we are living for it, its super cute and super stylish and it immediately catches your attention.

centered eyebrow piercing alternative goth facial piercingsbold piercing trends middle eyebrow piercing by @tyler.the.piercer

(credit for last photo: @tyler.the.piercer)

2. Bridge Piercings :  what we have noticed is the decision to get piercings clearly visible when the mask is worn, as the options for facial piercings were reduced - clients chose more creative placements to ensure visibility 

Bridge piercingfacial piercings for menfacial piercings

3. Stacked Jewelry : this is a trend that we personally love - and have adopted for ourselves because - honestly - it looks so good and you can create some incredible combos 

stacked hoops and charms and chains in stretched ear lobestacked ear lobe piercing placement

stacked ear piercing placement

nostril stack facial piercing

4. Clusters: Similar to the stacks - clusters are something we cant get enough of 

cluster piercings on earear project with cluster jewelry

5. The Anti Tragus: now this one is a bit of a curve ball - but like an anti-hero, you can't help but love them 

curved threadless barbell in anti tragus featuring sprout threadless endbasic jewelry in anti tragus

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